Degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia

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Welcome to the Degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia University of Girona-Girona

The College offers the ERAM Degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia from the 2009-2010 academic year, official studies at the University of Girona criteria adapted to the plane of the EHEA (European Higher Education).

Currently, the only college that integrates both Spanish audiovisual and multimedia.
The official Degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia (GAM) at the University of Girona aims to train professionals profile multipurpose (multimedia designer, audiovisual producer and director of audiovisual projects and multimedia) to respond well to the new requirements and the demand for certain strategic sectors of the audiovisual industry.

Establishing interactivity with mobile phones, digital television, Internet, cinema and 3D virtual reality is already an element of our everyday surroundings.

At graduation, students are able to act in the field of broadcasting and multimedia sector requires consolidating interdisciplinary mentality against diversity of actions requires the use of new and emerging technologies, knowledge of means of expression and appropriate aesthetics and ethics training.

After finishing studies, graduates gather the necessary skills to make full audiovisual products. In this regard, following the sequential order of the process of making any product which was broadcasting from the conception of the idea, through tools and technology, to the transmission expressive missatge-, students are able to:

  1. Devise content and develop them creatively through writing narrative proposal.
  2. Planning the production of the project.
  3. Use the technical resources available.
  4. Develop content and artistic expression.
  5. Do audiovisual works.
  6. Spreading the final work.