Bachelor Graphic Communication

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BA Graphic Communication starts on September 2016. 

Through a franchise agreement between the University of Northampton (UoN) and ERAM Crossmedia College (ERAM), it is possible to study for this programme in Girona. Students in Girona will course the same moduls and will be assessed in a manner consistent with their peers studying in the UK.

The content and delivery of the programme in Girona is set out below, and students have the right to access the UoN’s procedures for complaints and appeals in addition to any local procedures within ERAM. 


BA (Hons) in Graphic Communication.

The Bachelor in Graphic Communication is a 3 years studies degree internationally recognized and issued by the Northampton University.

This programme offers a unique opportunity to study graphic design linked to specialist pathways in typography, illustration and photography. Students work on live, industry set briefs and have the opportunity to undertake work experience.

Contemporary practice, historical references, cultural and social contexts also inform the learning experience, so students are well equipped practically and conceptually to take on a wide range of employment within the design industries on graduation.

The degree in Graphic Communication is taught in English. We encourage students to take the challenge of following also some of the Spanish language courses offered, because languages knowledge may be a competitive advantage when entering in the labour market.