Study Mediterranean

Rich culture, sunny beaches and nightlife; the Mediterranean has it all

Study in the Mediterranean

ERAM Collage is located in Spain, in the old city of Girona. Situated in the extreme northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, it is only half an hour train ride from Barcelona. The ancient walls and fortifications were built during the late Middle Ages, and now give Girona its beautiful and iconic cityscape.

Girona is a very popular tourist attraction in Catalunya, not only for its historic architecture, but also for its gastronomy and cultural events. During the year, the university students bring the streets to life with numerous activities in Girona's many cozy coffee bars and live music pubs.

The Costa Brava, the coastal region of Girona, is a beautiful mixture of old fishing towns, sandy shores and clear blue sea: in other words, the Mediterranean in its essence.

Still, what people most appreciate is the calm, welcoming atmosphere and generous hospitality of its villages, places with something to entice everyone.



Costa Brava

The City of Girona

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