The college facilities of ERAM are equipped with everything the innovative and creative mind needs.


From advanced multimedia laboratories and the complete libraries, to old castle gardens and lively streets the aim is provide an excellent environment for studying. ERAM is now housed in a former textile factory in Salt, the Coma Cross Factory, a factory that once produced but is now a factory of creativity, ideas and business.

There is a stage set, computer labs and classrooms for practical and theoretical instruction, an audiovisual media laboratory, conference rooms and study halls, a library, a dining room, a photography studio, an auditorium, exhibition and projection rooms.

Due to the agreement signed between ERAM College and the University of Girona there are other services and resources available, such as:

  • Libraries located on the different campuses
  • Study rooms
  • The Sports Service, providing access to athletic installations in the City of Girona
  • The Modern Language Service
  • The Publishing Service
  • The External Relations Office
  • The Employment Service and Job Bank

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