Education Quality

University exchange and corporation networking is the key to a continuous research for excellence

Quality Educational System: get an official degree!

One of the most important characteristics of Eram is that our degrees, BA and the MA, are issed by recognized Universities. (Either the University of Girona or the University of Lincoln or the University of Northampton).

Eram CrossMedia College is dedicated to assuring the quality of its education management, not only the facilities and services, but also providing a team of first class professors.

In order to guarantee standards, the college is equipped with a quality plan, which ensures the level of teaching, the university services and the capacity for research and innovation.

To keep the quality of its education up to date, EramCollege provides its teachers with regular training.

Knowledge exchange between different well known centers of research and the creation of a good networking system between universities helps to spread ideas, generate interesting teaching methodologies and develop concepts that help to improve the educational system.