About us

Created to take the lead in university education in communication technologies, Eram primary Asset is Knowledge transfer.


ERAM was born as a Multimedia and Audio-visual School in 1998 with the aim to offer high quality education in a unique and creative environment and soon became a part of the University of Girona. ERAM CrossMedia College strives to prepare students to archieve excellence in their career in cross media studies, by focusing on researching and developing the multidisciplinary aspects of new media, and by constantly pushing the boundaries of modern technology.

University collaborations exchanging both students and professors, ERAM Crossmedia College carries this research even further. Our objective is to advance the latest techniques in the production, integrity and innovation of new media, while at the same time observing the highest standards in educational methodology. ERAM Crossmedia College places strong emphasis on dialogue with its students, to make them fully aware of their active part in the learning process.